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Consulting Services

Trigon offers dedicated expert witness services specializing in crisis intervention and de-escalation within law enforcement matters. We are committed to safety, professionalism, and will stand by your side as trusted partners throughout the intricacies of legal proceedings, internal reviews, and program transitions.

Expert Testimonies

When legal matters intersect with crisis intervention, de-escalation, and use of force, our seasoned consultants step forward as credible expert witnesses. Armed with an intricate knowledge of law enforcement protocols, CIT best practices, communication strategies, and tactical decision-making, we provide testimony that unravels complexities and provides essential insights to legal professionals and the court.


Incident Review

Our incident review services dissect past events to offer an unbiased evaluation of crisis situations, de-escalation efforts, and use of force instances. Our insights help paint a comprehensive picture, aiding legal teams in building robust arguments and facilitating an equitable legal process.


Policy Review

Our policy review services scrutinize law enforcement protocols, ensuring alignment with contemporary best practices and legal standards. Our experts' assessments contribute to the refinement of policies that uphold safety, accountability, and adherence to ethical principles.


CIT Program Review

For agencies seeking to enhance their Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) programs, our review services offer a thorough evaluation. We assess training methodologies, curriculum, effectiveness, and procedural consistency, empowering organizations to better equip their personnel for crisis scenarios.

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